Friday, June 3, 2011

The Light Keeper's Ball

The Light Keeper's Ball, a story by Colleen Coble makes me say, more please!  This book explores the a young woman living in the early years of the century, as one who is asking questions of her sister and father's deaths and wanting answers.  We see glimpses of flight before it was more than another means of travel, of a time when grand balls, character and manners were still a way of life.  A time when a woman tried to protect her virtue and class and status meant something.    But this was more than just a story down history lane.  It was a mystery that when everything was said and done, totally surprised me!  It was pretty suspenseful from the get go.  To be in that era and see how society handled certain matters made me sit up and take notice of how I handle things.  I immensely enjoyed this book and can't wait to read others by Ms. Coble.  I give it two thumbs up and hope that  you will also choose it.  I plan to give my to a friend to read.    I recommend The Light Keeper's Ball to anyone who would like to read a good era piece.

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