Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christianity At It's Finest

He walks into church on his tip-ties, one hand in his father's and fingers from the other hand shoved in his mouth.  He is a cute little blonde that we see always smiling, always hugging.    He wants to be with his daddy, whom he adores.  He has a wide forehead, a flatten nose and deep set eyes.  He appears to be calm and a happy child.   His name is Carson and he goes to my church.  He has a rare genetic problem, Smith Magenis Syndrome. 

With two older brothers and a younger sister, he is a force to be reckoned with.  He wants to do what his sister, two years is younger does.  He tries to speak, and does get a few words out, though not a conversationalist.  Carson's ability to communicate is limited.  This syndrome affects his sleep, his learning abilities, and may cause hearing loss as he grows older.  But Carson keeps going on, and so does his family.  His mom doesn't let us see what happens at home, too much.  Carson is like the energizer bunny that never quiets.  He can quickly get in to anything just in the three minutes she leaves the room to take a bathroom break.  She has three other children that need her attention too.  Her husband is there as much as a working father can be, but a lot of dealing with Carson and the others fall on her.  But, this weekend is about Carson.

Our church held a benefit for his mounting medical bills.  Until the insurance catches up and certain things are decided, it is scary to think what they have to endure.  The benefit was tonight as an auction.  Several community businesses, people from our church, and all over to help this family out.  It was Christianity at it's finest.  Bids were made, friendly banter exchanged, and the love for one family, for one little boy has been felt.  This is what God wants us to do.  Help those who can not help themselves.  Take care of those who need and accept it.  Our minister, who is also Carson's grandfather always goes to the song, "Little Is Much When God is In It."  Have you seen a little do great big things because God blessed it?   Praise God and thank him for his blessings.

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