Monday, February 21, 2011

It's that easy...

Some days it is just hard to concentrate.  Some days, all you want to do is tune out everything.  We are all good at hearing only what we want to hear, and not paying attention to anything else.  Our minister says that God gave you two ears to hear and one mouth to speak, so you should do twice as much listening as you do speaking.  Sometimes, if you would only listen and hear what was being said, conflicts would be squelched, miscommunications would be at a minimum and God's promises would reign.

In Psalm 81, God promises that if his people (us) would listen to him and follow him, he would take care of their enemies and he would take care of their needs.  Would that be wonderful?  God taking care of everything we need and will satisfy us if only we simply listen.  It is that easy.  God doesn't ask us to do hard things.  Listening is one of the most simple things we can do for anyone.  I just had a co-worker come to me and tell me about her weekend.  She got some sad news.  She didn't ask for my advice, she just wanted someone to listen for a bit.  God just wants the same.  He wants us to really listen, with both ears.  He wants us to take in his commands obey them, and he will give us what we need.  How simple is that?

Psalm 81

11 “But my people would not listen to me;
   Israel would not submit to me.
12 So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts
   to follow their own devices.
 13 “If my people would only listen to me,
   if Israel would only follow my ways,
14 how quickly I would subdue their enemies
   and turn my hand against their foes!
15 Those who hate the LORD would cringe before him,
   and their punishment would last forever.
16 But you would be fed with the finest of wheat;
   with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”

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