Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for My Kids

Hey, did you notice it is raining outside? It's kind of foggy, too. But my mood isn't dampened by the weather. I got up a little late, but that didn't bother me. The kids and I have this routine in the morning. I get up, pack lunches, eat my yogurt and then get the kids up. Then I put a Pop-Tart for each of them on the table.

They get up, get dressed, and come out, sit down and eat their breakfast, while watching FOX-19 News. Sometimes we talk, but mostly we sit listening to the tv. Timm will make some comment to the news of the day, like a football trade or some bad person. Some days, Mike gets up early and joins us. I think, he thinks we are in a bad mood when he gets up because we don't talk much. That isn't the case, though. We are just all still trying to wake up. When we first were married, he would get up and be grumpy and not talk for a while. Now it is me and the kids that are quiet.

As the time grows shorter for the kids to leave, I may tell them to brush their teeth and give them their lunch money. I tell them to have a good day. I am thankful that I have that time with them. Even though not much is said, the comfortable silence is reassuring to all of us. I am thankful for my kids, that they still want me to wake them up and help them get their mornings going.

This just reminded me of something that happened Saturday afternoon. Allie was very tired so I asked Timm if he wanted to go the grocery store with me. He did, so we got in my Edge and left. As we walked in to the store, another Mom, who recognized Timm, said, "Wow, Alex is sitting in the car. He would never come in to the store with me."

That puzzled me for a second. Then I realized she was talking about Timm walking in with me, helping me. I said, "I guess I am just lucky."

She replied, "I think you are."

I honestly never thought about it, but it is really nice that my children still find me fun enough to be around. I was always with my parents, up until I was ready to get married. I have heard several comments about how my kids are too attached to us. Well, I have never purposely tried to make them that way. I have always tried to get them to go out on their own and do their own thing with their own friends. They choose to stay with us. This is their choice. They are good kids, they are grounded. They have their share of teenage angst, but I at least know what is going on in their lives. That I am thankful for.

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