Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Be Big - A book review

I just finished the book, WE BE BIG, THE MOSTLY TRUE STORY OF HOW TWO KIDS FROM CALHOUN COUNTY, ALABAMA BECAME RICK & BUBBA, by Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey with Dick Burgess.  I must tell you, it was better than I expected.  Rick and Bubba each told a chapter, on how they both enjoyed the radio media, being in the limelight and how their lives took separate paths to end up where they are today.  They are both Christian men who do the unthinkable, talk about their faith on the air, but they don't preach or flaunt it.

Their story tells how they play by their own rules and how they created a following that worked for them and won the acceptance of each station they were with at that time, usually.  They proclaim to do outrageous stunts and make up characters as they go along.  They understand that their biggest fans are the ones that are listening and calling in everyday.  Rick and Bubba also talk of their personal families and through this book, show that even personal tragedies can be overcome.  This book chronicles their lives and losses, how through it all they trusted God and how they have shot to fame.

The minute I finished this book, I didn't put it down.  I put it in my purse and gave it to my Dad.  This is a book that your dad may enjoy too. I hope that Rick & Bubba's fans have all read this.  If you haven't, pick one up today and read it.

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  1. i've read a different book of theirs and it was funny! :)