Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I worked hard on the lesson. I read, tore out, prayed, and gather supplies. I wanted so much for yesterday to be a success. I gathered things up, grabbed my keys and purse, got in my vehicle and drove to church. I pulled into a parking place, put the Edge in park and turned the car off. I turned toward the passenger seat to grab my purse and packet...wait, where's the packet? Did I bring it? Oh no! It's not here. We looked in the back seat, but, no. It isn't there. I left it behind. What am I going to do? Well, I can do part of it. I can tell them the story of Jesus healing the blind man. I can have them close their eyes and get a sense of darkness. I can do at least one of the activities that I remember. Yes, I can wing it, I hope.

I was prepared, but it didn't matter. I left important pieces of the lessons for my class at home. We all have had laid out our plans and intended to follow through, but somehow, things got thwarted. The lesson got knocked away. Was this God's doing? Was it Satan's? I don't know. All I could do was figure out how to get through to the three year olds that may attend the class. God wants us to depend on him. Sometimes it is not clear as quickly as other times, but God wants us to know that he is still on his throne. We just have to look at him. Proverbs 3:5 says "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;" That's what I did. And it was a success. I will confess, there was only one three year old, but my, how busy and smart he is. He did his best to listen and do the parts of the lesson I could, he danced as we sang. Then he took paper and made a jet.

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