Friday, March 11, 2011

How Can We Help?

This week, we had a tragedy in our office.  A young couple lost their newborn baby.  They knew a month before that there was a problem with the baby, and they didn't disclose this to most of us.  The baby boy was born on Tuesday and lived a mere forty minutes.  We do not know what the condition was that made this infant leave this earth so quickly, but we do know how heartbroken his parents are and how all of us in the office are just stunned.  We here are having a hard time knowing what to do.  We want so much to help this couple out, but we are at a loss on how to help them.  We want to do something special to remember Baby Ian, and to honor his parents. 

We are all doing the usual things, asking questions, praying, and it has made a lot of us remember that our problems aren't that big of a deal in comparison.  The question is, what, would be an appropriate way to go about doing something for this family?  Should we talk to them first, make a donation to the hospital in the baby's name?  Maybe we can plant a tree or purchase the headstone for the grave, is there is one.   Has anyone else gone through something similar?  What was something that you now appreciate that you didn't even realize was such a big deal at the time?

God really has started working around here.  We are a charitable group and when something happens to one of our own, then we want to jump in and help.  But in this case, we are kinda at a loss. 

Psalms 135:13
Thy name, O LORD, endureth for ever; and thy memorial, O LORD, throughout all generations.


  1. what about helping with funeral expenses? with something this unexpected i can't imagine that'd be something they'd be prepared for.

  2. I knew someone who lost a little girl at birth. They released balloons in the shapes of butterflies in a ceremony after her funeral. They do it every year on her birthday as well.