Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love My Town

Have you ever seen the television show Undercover Boss?  It is a show on CBS where the CEO or President of a company goes undercover (in disguise) to see how things are working in areas of their company that they never see or hear of.  Mingling with the little people, so to speak.  It's actually really enjoyable and not so mushy and I love to see the bigwigs get down and dirty.  It makes me giggle. 

On the show this week, Mark Mallory, the mayor of Cincinnati went undercover.  He is the first elected/government official to do this on the show.  It was very interesting to learn more about this man, to see his love for Cincinnati, and to see how he would react to the brow-beating that all the bosses get a taste of, because they ask the question, "How do you think the board of directors/powers that be are doing for the company?"  I was also a little nervous to see how the show producers would show Cincinnati.  Cincinnati has gotten a lot of bad publicity in the past few years.  I am happy to report that Mayor Mallory and the show did well.  While the mayor is not the most entertaining person to watch, he is very intelligent. 

The first job the mayor did was ride around with the one person in the city who picks up the roadkill and other dead animals in the city.  That had to be horrible.  I was laughing at the sense of humor the city worker had for his job and the reaction of the mayor.  He didn't complain, but he looked grossed out.  That is one job I would hate to have.  Mayor Mallory also had to work on the city's vehicles, work at the McKie Recreation Center, and give parking tickets to those who were downtown and did not have their meter kept up.  As he was walking around with the meter attendant, he saw a vehicle who had a bumper sticker that stated "ILoveCincinnati".  I even saw one this morning on my drive in to work.  Mayor Mallory has a heart for his town.  He seems to really care about what happens here.

Watching this show gave me a softer heart for the man who represents our biggest city in Southwestern Ohio.  I have always loved everything about Cincinnati.  Just as God loves the city of Zion in chapter 87 of Psalms.  The second verse says that God loves the city more than any other. 

2 The LORD loves the gates of Zion
   more than all the other dwellings of Jacob. 

God is preparing a new Zion for us and we will all be there.  He will write our names down in the register, and is making each of us a place to live.  I can't wait to sit down and feast at his table.  I can't wait to walk on the golden streets and the see the crystal river.  I can't wait to see those who were before me.  But for now, I want to make my city a place that people will have pride in and respect.  Do you love your city?

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  1. my hubby loves that show! :) i didn't see this particular one, but in our town that'd be difficult. we're such a small city everyone knows our mayor.