Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you like have people come over to your house for a visit? I love having people come over. I love opening my house up and having people come in. My home is a home of love and comfort. I hope people see that in me. I am the worst housekeeper, but love to have people over. I hope people feel comfortable and inviting. I am not anywhere like Martha Stewart or Miss Manners. I do enjoy entertaining and eating with people. 1 Peter 4:9 )Be hospitable to one another without (R)complaint.

Do we complain about having to entertain others? Do we show hospitality to strangers? Opening your door to strangers is so much harder. But maybe you do not have to actually be hospitable at your house. Helping out in a soup kitchen or at the free store and just being helpful and respectful of those you don't know is good.

But as our preacher said in his sermon, you have to find your talent and use it. I say "Use it or lose it!" Sometimes I feel I don't do enough. But everyday you can find a way to help. Bring in snacks for the hospital. Buy extra school supplies. Every way that we as a church can help out others is being hospitable.

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