Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh The Thought That Jesus Loves Me

Thanks to my parents, I found a new song and a new group that I really enjoyed.  The group is The Collingsworth Family.  Their style is pretty awesome.  I liked that at first it sounded big band/swing style, but just as quickly went to Southern Gospel.  It's pretty hard to describe.  There were 14 songs on this cd, called The Answer.  I kinda liked them all, but when I got to the eleventh song, I started crying. 

Oh The thought That Jesus Loves Me
Wayne Haun/Lyn Rowell
VS1:  Oh the thought that Jesus loves me
More than I can understand
Fills my heart with calm assurance
I am safe inside His plan.

Chorus:  So I will let it change and heal me
Let it ease my troubled mind.
Oh the thought that Jesus loves me
That he loves me for all time.

Vs 2:  O the thought that Jesus loves me
And He loves what I will be.
Some sweet day
When He has finished
His creative work in me.

Vs. 3:  O the thought that Jesus loves me
Loved when we were far apart.
When my will was set against Him
Loved enough to win my heart.

Vs. 4:  Oh the thought that Jesus loves me
That He'd choose a cross to die
Take the death I was deserving
Just to offer me new life.


Isn't that something?  Do you ever just think that Jesus really loves you?  We say it and sing it all the time.  But does it hit you that he really loves you?  This song hit me was verse 2. He loves what I will be when he has finished His creative work in me.  Have you thought about you being His creative work?  WOW.  I never thought about it in a personal perspective.  We focus on how we dislike our hair, face, our bodies.  We want to change our thinking, our habits, whatever else we do not feel satisfied with.  But Christ was being creative when he made you.  God made you in his own image.  We do need to take care of ourselves, but he wants us to be satisfied and comfortable in our own skin.  He loved you enough that even when you go far away from Him, He loves you.  Always.

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