Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glee and Religion

I am sure there are going to be a million posts on the television show Glee because last night's episode was sorta about religion.  I say sorta, because there were all sorts of views on believing in God or not, how to talk to God, and what to do to comfort your friends in their hour of pain.

I was following twitter last night while Glee was on and so many people were either totally for this Episode or against it.  I wasn't home watching it when it was on, but quickly turned it on when I arrived and watched it all.  It started out the one kid "found Jesus."  I had to giggle because he thought he saw the face of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich that he had burnt.  Now, I don't want to be rude, and I do respect all types of religion and think that we can learn something from each of them, but I found that part of the storyline funny, but sad.  I mean, how many people today will just see something like that and believe that it is a sign from God?  There are a lot of people that are misguided or misled.

One of the character's had a heart attack.  His son, professed that he is atheist and gave his reasons.  It shocked a lot of his friends.  He shared his reasons the same as his friends' shared theirs.  At one point, he was very angry and stated that he stated, "Right now I don't want a Heavenly Father, I want my real one back."  His friend was very truthful and real with him.  She said she didn't know what to say or how to say things because he did not believe in God.  His beliefs did not line up with hers and she wanted him to be open to how she showed her concern and comfort.  Is that not what we all want?  We all want to comfort those in need.  But in doing so, sometimes we go overboard or the other person takes it the wrong way.  For example, the girls of the Glee Club went to his father's hospital room and were praying for him.  Kurt came in and asked what they were doing.  The told him and then he asked them to leave so the acupuncturist could work on his father.

It was interesting the way the producer's spun it.  At times I was disappointed with what the message was.  During the whole thing, there was also this underlying separation of church and state issue, but it became a non-issue in my opinion.

I can't stop the show, but i can make sure my kids are grounded in God's real message.  God loves everyone, even those who don't believe in God.  I feel everyone can have an opinion and we need to let them know God's way in a loving way, without causing too much conflict.  Just remember, the seed you sow today may not grow for many days.  Prayer is a good way to fertilize the seeds.  It will grow when God is ready.  You may not be there when it happens, and it shouldn't matter that you were the one who God chose to plant it.  Because the goal is not to see how many you can win to Christ, but how many will come to Christ because you are doing His will.


  1. I was really hoping someone was going to talk about someone's episode on their blog today. You did a wonderful job describe the episode and I really loved your thoughts. I thought it was interesting how they took a spin at so many people's views on God and religion. Part of me was disappointed at the negative remarks that were said about God. The other part of me thought about all the people that were watching that episode at the same time as me and it caused them to start thinking about their views of God and where they put him in their lives. My favorite part of the episode was towards the end with the cheer leader coach Sue and her older sister with down syndrome. Their conversation about god and what her said about her beliefs touched me. Especially when she asked Sue if she'd like to pray for her. It was those little moments in last nights episode that made me thing that some good came out of it.

  2. I loved your thoughts about last night's episode. I'm surprised more people has not talked about this. I think some things just have to be talked about. I may do more on this tomorrow because there was so much to this episode that you can not say it all at once.

    The scene with Sue and her sister was touching and it kind of seemed like she was softening up some. I thought it was nice that she took her sister's views into play and especially when she said, "God doesn't make mistakes." Best line of the whole night.

  3. i'm not a fan of the show, but i'm always leery of the entertainment industry's take on religion. sounds like it was more of a "talk things out" rather than the typical "people who believe are weak and stupid" i hate that one.

  4. Good job my friend!!! I'm not a "Gleek" - but I mentor a young lady who is - now I can be prepared!!!

    visiting you from iFellowship - but always enjoy your blog no matter what day!

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I don't watch, but I know plenty that do. So true our job is to plant the seed, but we might never see it come to fruition. Our only job is to plant. :)

    Visiting from iFellowship! :)
    Have a great day!

  6. I've never watched the show but I do understand that who we are, what we say and how we behave is a reflection of our relationship with God. If we hold Him in our hearts, it will show in all that we do. Our purpose in our efforts is in the planting and not in reaping the harvest - that will be His delight.

    Your post has blessed my life today. My heart has been touched. If you have time in your iFellowship visits, I invite you to stop by mine at #15 - Home For The Holidays.