Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Go read Psalms 29. I'll wait.

How did that strike you?  All I could think of was, I am not sure I want to hear the Lord's voice!  It strips forests, breaks cedars, and spits out fire.  It scares me.  I picture a large man with a booming voice that is deep and loud, especially when he's angry.  But then I think of his laughter and how it may start as a chuckle deep down in his belly and comes up.  I love big laughter.  

I work as a receptionist and I hear voices on the phone all the time.  I try to picture what that person looks like.  I am always amazed at how wrong I am.  There was this one time that a deep, rumbling voice was on the other end.  When the man came in to the office, he was very nicely dressed, but short.  Like, less than five feet tall.  I was shocked.  I really didn't picture that.  He was a nice guy, though.

There is another person, who looks like what Timm thinks Jesus looks like.  He is a classmate's step-father.  He has long, brown hair, thin face and long nose.  Every time Timm sees him, he tells me "There's Jesus."  I keep telling him that he doesn't know what Jesus looks like, but he insists he does.  But we don't.  There is not one physical description of Jesus in the Bible.  So someone paints a picture and suddenly it's him.  What if what we imagine Christ to look like, is what he will look like when we finally see him?  What if he looks different to every person?  Then we wouldn't be disappointed, right?  But I do not think we will be disappointed, anyway.  But for now, it's fun to pretend.

So listen in the wind, the babbling brook, and the thunder.  God is there talking to us, with his booming voice.  Can you hear him?

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  1. i do hear him, today in the rustling leaves and whirling wind. Great post!