Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prayer Works!

I had a whole other devotion planned for today, but then I got a text message from my mom that says..."Dad gets his port out next Wednesday.  His white blood cell count is back to normal!"  Praise God!  That is the best news I have heard in a long, long time.  Dad and Mom have weathered this scary storm and made it through! 

We have so many friends going through such terrible things, and in the midst of helping them and praying for them, God still remembers Dad and answers a prayer!  One of the songs on the cd my mom gave me is called I'll Pray for YouIt's about all of us lifting each other up to God in prayer each day.  Here are the lyrics.

I’ll Pray for You
By Marcia Henry and Barbara Huffman

I saw an old friend at the market standing in the check-out line
She began to share her story and then I told her mine
It was clear we both knew heartache so before I turned to go
We made a simple promise that would lighten both our loads


I'll pray for you, you pray for me
And together we'll touch heaven from our knees
Anything can happen in His name when we agree
I'll pray for you, you pray for me

Verse 2

What a privilege and an honor to know that God is there
And to have His full attention anytime and anywhere
Sometimes when we're talking the conversation turns to you
As your name and needs are mentioned, God lifts my spirits, too.

You, too can have  God's attention anytime you want.  Just start talking to him.  Thank him for your blessings, for your trials, pray for those on our prayer list, for anything that you are concerned with.  God knows the needs of each person and he will listen to us, if we ask.

I thank each of you for your prayers over the past year and a half.  God truly performed another miracle here.  I hope each of you will stop today and thank him.  And keep praying.  There are a lot of people out there that needs our prayers. 

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