Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What I want for my Son

I was the oldest daughter in a family of four.  My sister and I had a lot of male cousins and male friends, but we didn't have a brother.  We had a father, whom I assumed did all the things boys did.  We were grossed out by some, giggled at others and thought Dad was the greatest.  Then a became the mother of a boy.

When we found out that the baby I was having was a boy, we were excited.  We had two girls and Mike wanted a boy to carry on the family name.  We quickly settled on his name and waited for him to arrive.  I wanted a boy.  There was one problem.  What was I suppose to do with a boy?  What would little boys do differently than little girls?  What kind of surprises laid in store for me?

My son has the key to my heart.  He is a lot like me and my father.  When he was born, he was a big baby.  Almost too big for little me to hold, but I did.  He was and is total opposite of Allie.  Timm didn't want to sleep, he wanted to be held and to touch you all the time.  He would find the most comfort in my arms.  He would only sleep for 90 minutes at a time and then be up.  You had to force him to sleep.  He has that family trait of only needing a little sleep.  When he was old enough, he would reach up and grab my earlobe.  Then he would feed or relax and nap.

I have heard that raising boys were easier than girls at this age or that age.  When Allie was younger, she was more difficult than Timm.  Now, I believe that the boy is harder.  He questions everything.  He speaks his mind, freely, and he fiercely loves his Grandmother.  He is the most loving young man I know.  He does what he can to help people, he loves to show off and often he tells me things to get a reaction from me.

I have racked my brains in the last couple of years, trying to figure him out. I want him to be a man of morals and manners.  I want him to grow to be a man of God.  I want so much for this child that I didn't know what to do with at first.  My heart is so full of love for this child and I am very proud of him.  I hope he always knows that his future endeavors are so exciting.

Proverbs 31:25

Strength and dignity are her clothing,
         And she smiles at the future.


  1. just be kind to that daughter-in-law that you'll have some day :)