Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This is my last post about Mothers.  Today I want to honor all those women out there who are not moms, either by choice or by circumstance.  I think that no matter what, a woman is special and should be valued. 

Genesis 11:30
Sarai was barren; she had no child.I have a friend who has been married a long time.  They did not have children, because she could not.  They chose not to adopt and that is okay.  I think it is fine not to have kids.  I know that they love kids.  They treat all the children around them with such love.  They would have been wonderful parents.  But God had different ideas for them.

Exodus 2:10
The child grew, and she brought him to Pharaoh's daughter and he became her son. And she named him Moses, and said, "Because I drew him out of the water." I also have several friends who felt adoption was the right course to take.  They took a child that was not from their own flesh and made them their own.  I so admire that.  I have great respect for anyone who takes an unwanted and makes them feel wanted.  In fact, I have a nephew and niece that are adopted. 

In both instances, I have great respect for the families.  Yes, they are both families.  When a couple gets married, they are a family.  When a child comes along, you are just adding to the family.  The lady with no children of her own is like an aunt to my kids.  She has the maternal instinct and is so full of love.  In my book, that makes her a "mom".  She can help raise my kids anytime.  The ladies who have chosen adoption, are just like me.  They are feeling their way through raising their kids.  They pick their battles, appreciate the trials and tribulations associated with parenthood, and love their children complete. 

Yes, it's easy for us with children to look at someone without and either feel sorry for them or ignore their advice.  But sometimes it is nice to get advice from someone who has been looking from the outside in.  Sometimes, not.   The trials these women go through must be agony at times.  The sadness they feel because they can't conceive.  The stares, the rude and hurtful words of others.  They endure a lot.

Those that adopt, also can go through a lot.  When the kids "find out" they are adopted, can be tramatic.  The careless things people say can hurt their very core.  Especially if the child is a different nationality or has a different skin color.  The things that people think could damage the psyche. 

So remember that this weekend is for your Mom, there are those who may feel left out because they aren't a mom.  Tell all the women you know, that you appreciate all they do and that God loves them very much.  I love them too.

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  1. i'm the best auntie in the world. no joke - just as my niece. :) i'm childless by choice; i can't begin to imagine the heart ache of wanting a child and not being able to have one.