Monday, August 22, 2011

Family Reunion

This weekend was a wonderful opportunity for my family to reconnect.  It has been at least fifteen years since the Rainey's had a reunion.  I didn't know all who were coming, and I didn't know all who were there, but each one I did know, I have very dear memories of.  There was a lot of reminiscing.  A lot of reconnecting.  There was actually almost 100 of us at the park.  What a great day!

First, the oldest living Rainey came.  Dan Rainey is my father's uncle.  He lives in Florida, and the first memory I have of Uncle Dan is him and his wife Mary, taking me to the Michigan NASCAR race when I was around 12.   It was a great day and he had stories of going to races and I was totally loved it.  He is older and a bit more feeble, but what a wonderful surprise!

There was my Aunt Judy, who is my dad's sister.  It was wonderful seeing her too.  She told us of all she has been doing, of her granddaughters, her son.  Hopefully next time, they can come up too.

There was Uncle Bill, Dan's brother.  He had a farm close to us where all the other family parties.  I have lots of memories of going out there and watching fireworks, seeing my grandparents and other family.

There was Katie, my dad's cousin.  She came from North Carolina.  Dad always has called her his birthday girl because when her mom was pregnant with her, dad told June that the baby would be a girl and born on his birthday.  June argued with him, but guess who was right?

There we all were hugging, smiling, laughing, trying to figure out which young person went with which older person and how questioning everyone's where abouts and doings.  I imagine that this, in part, is how that great reunion day in heaven will be.  We will all be together, some we will know, some we will just meet, but all happy and glad to see each other.   I know that only God knows what is in store for each of us when we get to heaven.  That is a surprise we will need to wait for.

God's Wonderful People

Verse 3
On that great reunion day
When the Lord said come away
And the saints from all the land sweep through the gate
Joining love ones around the throne
At last we'll all be gathered home
That will be the greatest thrill we've ever known

The 3rd verse of this song, sums up for me what I hope heaven will be like.  I can't wait to meet all my brothers and sisters in Christ on that day!

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