Monday, July 11, 2011

Church Camp

Yesterday, my family made our annual trek over to Hillsboro to drop our son off at church camp.  He has been looking forward to this since the schedule came out and he and his friends started their planning.  I grew up going to camp, and took my kids from the time they were old enough to walk.  They love the weeks we spent there, getting to know the kids that camp, and without realizing it, they grew strong roots in God's foundation.  My daughter was actually baptized at camp.

The last two years Timm has gone to what we call 79ers week.  It's for kids going into 7th grade up to and including those going in to 9th grade.  Timm has made a strong bond with kids he seems about once, maybe twice, a year.  He made great friends with the boys in his cabin and with today's technology, has been able to stay in touch with them by texting, facebook, and his Playstation 3.  He is able to see what they are doing, and vice versa.  He even spent last New Years Eve with them at a huge teen function that the other kids' church put on.

He reminds me of me.  I met one of my closest friends at church camp.  Her family ran the camp and her and I became fast friends.  We coordinated when we would go to camp, went to parties, were in each other weddings, and were around for the birth of children.  We did lose touch for a few years, but have, in the past couple of years, reunited.  She and I have a bond that only God could put together.  I know I can call or text her and tell her anything, and she can do the same to me.  The best part of our relationship is that God is there in the middle of us.  I pray that Timm's friendships are the same.  I think they are, but we will have to wait and see.

If you haven't thought about sending your kids to camp, I will tell you, it's not for everyone.  My daughter didn't like going anywhere, and unless I was there, wouldn't go.  My husband has gone with us as a counselor, but it isn't his favorite thing to do either.  But, for a lot of us, it's a great time.    They sing, dance, play, have devotion, serve, give, and commune.  This week, there are probably 150+ boys and girls that are there.  I pray for each of them and can't wait to hear all about Timm's adventures. 

The best part of yesterday was for the hour and a half we were on the drive, Timm kept us in stitches the whole time.  He is a natural comedian and it seems that most everyone likes him.  He told us that though he can not mimic people's voices, he can make up his own voices and they seem popular.  He has a knack to make friends and keep them.  God has given him a heart for other kids and a talent for making us all laugh.  When we got to camp, the counselor's knew who he was, and when he went to sign in and get his room assignment, the person there told him that his friends, demanded that he be in their cabin.  He kind of shrugged and took it all in.  We then went and found his friends, met one of their parents, which is always nice for parents, and then he told us it was okay to leave.  Even though we been through it a million times before, it's a little heartbreaking when your child hugs you and goes off with his friends, not looking back.  But, I am reassured that he is in good hands and will have the best week of his church camp.

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