Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In All That You Do

Update:  I have decided that I have messed my back up somehow.  The pain is about the same, but it is throughout my mid and lower back.  I can move, but slowly.  It seems to worsen as the day goes on.  I refuse to believe it is anything else because I have no other symptoms now, just the back pain.  So I am doing well today.

UPDATE on Dad:  Dad went to the ENT on Monday.  The doctor ran the light down his throat and said that looked good.  He asked dad if there was any thing else and dad said that the biggest problem is that he is having a lot of trouble hearing.  This has increased significantly since the chemo.  So the doctor took him back and they did a lot of hearing tests.  Then the nurse (these are dad's words) "rammed this thing into my ear.  It didn't get a reading, so she did it again.  I swear she pushed it half way through my head."  She finally got a reading in both ears.  Then the doctor came back in and said that there was significantly a difference between his left and right ear in hearing (which we really knew already).  He looked again and said that one of dad's ears was wet on the inside.  Dad didn't put water in his ear and he uses ear plugs when he swims.  The doctor decided that dad has the onset of an ear infection.  Dad and I both decided that this doctor isn't really listening to him and when he goes back to the chemo doctor, he will talk to him about the hearing loss.  So when you talk to Dad, speak up.

Last night, Timm and I made cake. Two Brown Sugar Bundt Cake to be more specific.  I let him make the first one with very little supervision.  He didn't read the instructions and kinda dumped things in.  I kinda scolded him for that.  I tried to make him see that before you begin a recipe, you should at least skim the instructions and see if there is any specifics to it like adding eggs one at a time.  Now I wrote this recipe, and I wrote it for me.  I know what I mean and what it says to me.  When it says, add eggs one at a time, I mean it to say that you add one egg at a time, blending well between each egg.  He saw it and to him it meant, add each egg.  LOL.  Then in another place about the instructions, it does specifically say that you alternate between the flour/baking soda mixture and sour cream.  He dumped in the flour mixture (as well as dumping some on the floor, counter, and you know himself), then the sour cream.  But you know what?  That cake turned out just as well as the second one.  It may not have risen as high, but it tasted exactly the same.

Conclusion:  Sometimes it does not matter how you do it, just so you do it.  God wants us to do what is righteous (which our preacher says means in God's own right way).  But the way you go about getting something done and the way I get something done isn't that important as long as the outcome is the same.  In all you do, just do it for the Lord! 

1Kings 2:3
 and observe what the LORD your God requires: Walk in his ways, and keep his decrees and commands, his laws and requirements, as written in the Law of Moses, so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go,

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