Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tell Me Your Dream

Daniel 2:5-7

The king replied to the astrologers, “This is what I have firmly decided: If you do not tell me what my dream was and interpret it, I will have you cut into pieces and your houses turned into piles of rubble. 6 But if you tell me the dream and explain it, you will receive from me gifts and rewards and great honor. So tell me the dream and interpret it for me.”

 7 Once more they replied, “Let the king tell his servants the dream, and we will interpret it.”

Do you look at dreams as a gateway to the subconscious?  Do you think it may be a way of unlocking something you would rather not remember?  Do you think that God is trying to tell you something by giving you the dream? I think many people read way to much into things.  The media over-analyzes every syllable, every action, and every job people do or say.  But that is today.  In ancient times, God did send messages through prophets, seers, and everyday people.  So when Nebuchadnezzar had this dream, he wanted an answer.  But, he wanted the real meaning to the dream.  He was very specific with his request.  He made sure that those who wanted to "help" (and with that I mean impress the king), knew that if he wasn't satisfied, they would suffer.

That seems like a lot of pressure.  If the king doesn't like your answers you would be chopped up and your house destroyed.  But, if you gave a good answer, he would shower you with gifts and honor.  I think Nebuchadnezzar had and idea of what the dream meant, but wanted it confirmed.  I am not sure he really trusted his advisers.  But he was giving them a chance to be able to prove themselves to him.  And as you read, they were up to the challenge.

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