Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If We Didn't Have Bad Luck...

Today I am deviating from our study in Psalms.  I am a bit overwhelmed today and need to talk about it.  Since March, I feel our family has been in a whirlwind.  In March, my daughter had her gall bladder removed.  Last month, we had Timm in the ER for his knee and then again last night, we took him back to the ER.  He broke his nose!  We now have to take him to an ENT to have it looked at and worked on.

He was at his friend's church yesterday evening.  They were going into a room that was dark and waiting for the lights to warm up.  He thought he knew were the stage was, so Timm ran and jumped.  He miscalculated and found the stage with his nose and not his feet.  In trying to keep things in perspective, we told him that he took a leap of faith.  We also told him that now he is a real member of my family because almost everyone in my family on my dad's side has a broken nose.  My dad's nose has been broken five times and I have no idea what he would look like with a straightened nose.

None of these things would have really bothered me, but the lot of them together just makes my head spin.  Maybe it's the lack of sleep, or that my mind is spinning, or just looking at my son and seeing that he has marred his beautiful face...but I feel a bit ran through the wringer.  So today, I am not doing anything special.  I am working and will go home and spend time with my husband and kids.  I've been in prayer and God knows my heart.  I am thankful that there is nothing more serious that needs to be looked after at this moment.  But Friday, there will be more; Allie is having her wisdom teeth out.  So until then, I plan to lay low, try and keep my kids quite and full of peace, and depend on God's grace to get me through each moment.

Psalm 31:14
But as for me, I trust in You, O LORD,I say, " You are my God."


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