Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lifting Us Up

He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting
in the LORD.

Psalm 112:7 (NIV)

Most days are better than some.  When the good times are here, we are grateful for all we have.  But when the times are bad, what do you do?  We turn to the Lord.  No matter what.  I receive a verse-a-day through my email (  This was the verse I received. We always fear the worst and hope for the best.  Sometimes the best is not good.  I always fear what could happen and what does happen, usually doesn't seem so bad.  This verse is a big help.  This verse is talking about a righteous man and how he has God in everything he does.  How he depends on him, loves him, keeping himself upstanding and humble.  I am trying to give my fears and my worries to God.  It is so hard to do, but I keep in constant prayer with Him.  I am talking, walking and seeking during this dark time, but I know that God is in the situation and is keeping us safe.  It's not easy being in Satan's sights.  But we have all been there some time or another.  Keep us in your prayers, that is what we need from you.  

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