Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

What else is there to say about Joseph?  He was a good man.  He must have really loved Mary to go through all that with her.  The courage God gave him and the morals his family had instilled in him came through his character.  But still, he must have had some issues that he kept to himself.  This song says a lot.  It's in our Christmas contata, which is next Sunday, December 19th at 6:00 PM.

Words and Music by Tony Wood and Don Poythress

Joseph, did you want to pack your tools
Head to some place where nobody whispered "There goes Mary's fool?"
Joseph, did you look up and raise your hands crying
"God, you know I've always tried to be a righteous man?"

Joseph, did you lie awake confused,
Thinking 'bout that small town scandal, and what love's supposed to do?
Joseph, if you felt you'd been betrayed, still you didn't walk by feelings.
You chse to walk by faith.  Joseph.

Couldn't take her as your wife, but wouldn't let harm come to her.
You looked beyond the shame, and stood between her and an angry world.
And you made no accusations, so no one could raise a stone.
Did you feel so hurt, confused and all alone?

Joseph, did you wake up and want to screaqm,
"God are you really speaking through some angel in a dream?"
Joseph, did it all just seem absurd
That your wife might be the one to fulfill the prophet's words?

You denied yourself for others, obeyed when nothing much made sense.
You were her strength and shelter on that road to Bethlehem.
And kneeling by the manger, bathed in soft starlight,
Did you know whose face you touched that holy night?

Joseph, I hope to sit with you one day,
Hear you tell me all about the choices you were called to make,
'cause Joseph, it was you and no one else,
God trusted to take of Mary and Himself.
Joseph.  Joseph.  Joseph.  Joseph.

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