Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Your Birthday

Today is your birthday! Happy Birthday to you! Today is my mother's birthday. It has been a very hard 2009. She has valiantly taken care of my dad during his cancer fight and treatment. I know she felt at a loss, and if it wasn't for a lot of you, her good friends, she would have just sat down everyday and cried. She still is taking care of him. But today, she deserve all the recognition that she probably doesn't want.

My mom is a very giving person. She wants to make sure that everyone around her is doing okay and that if she can help them, she will. She wants her kids and grandkids to do the right thing and be the best Christians they can. She loves her husband with a passion.

I heard a song this morning about a girl who, growing up had a mom who do all the things to help the girl have some of the best days. I have had that with my mom. Mom and I got to share an evening of listening to Ivan sing during this past summer. We spend time together freezing corn. Those are very special times for me. She gave up a lot for my sister and me. I hope that someday my children will know how much she loves them.

Mom can not be described by words. She is the best of a lot of characteristics and those who know her love her. So today, send her an email and tell her Happy Birthday!

Mom, I love you! Happy birthday!

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